Equipment Rental Analytics

Reporting and Analysis - Make the most of your data and create REPORTS with ease

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Information is gathered daily (item usage/utilization, daily billed revenue, daily inventory value, and more) and the warehouse model and consumption tools can provide information immediately. The warehouse model also allows users access to a daily granularity on selected information. This information can be consumed using Microsoft products such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Excel, andPowerBI. Reports can automatically be delivered to users on a schedule!  Visualization tools on the market such as BI360, Tableau, and others are used to access the data.

Reporting Dashboard

The Reporting Dashboard simplifies report writing. Menu options are easy to understand, and security permissions are easy to administer.  Users familiar with SQL can create their own custom reports. Reports can easily be exported to Excel, PDF and several other formats by default.