What we believe

The founding cornerstones of Corporate Services are character and integrity. All our communications and interactions must be based on this founding principle. Our customers, employees and vendors determine whether we have met this goal.

We believe that quality service is rare.

We believe we earn the loyalty, respect and admiration of our clients only when we provide responsive, competent and professional service.

We believe every transaction and relationship must result in a "win-win."

We believe we must deliver value equal to, or higher than, the money our clients pay us.

We believe we must expect and embrace change so that we may respond to our clients' needs.

We believe our clients' success depends on our ability to solve their business challenges. Therefore, even if they do not expect perfection from us, we will do all we can to provide the best service possible.

We believe our clients' needs – not ours – guide our direction and our actions.

Most of all, we believe that God our creator makes our success possible, and that He deserves all praise and glory.

Our History

How Corporate Services became a leading services and software solution provider for the equipment and rental management industry

We founded Corporate Services in December 1993 with the belief that we could help businesses run more efficiently.

Our first software solution, RTMS, automates services for the oilfield rental tool, oilfield supply, fishing tool, and equipment rental and lease businesses. It addresses the complex needs of the ever-changing oilfield industry.

TrakQuip, launched in 1998, accommodates any industry that rents or manages assets.

Basis, launched in 2015, uses Microsoft .net technology and accommodates any industry that rents or manages assets.  We believe Basis is the best and most comprehensive feature-rich software solution in today’s market.  

All of our software contains most if not all functionality required to manage your business but for any specific needs you might have, our project managers and programmers work with you to develop the necessary enhancements.

Our software enables you to set up controls so that your employees make the right decisions. You will feel confident that your business is running as it should.

We are committed to providing you an exceptional customer experience. We hope you will give us the opportunity to help you transform your business.