Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer any training classes on how to use your software solutions?

Definitely!  Whether your company has new employees that need our Essentials training or seasoned employees for our Advanced class, we offer numerous options for training.  We also offer classes on how to write reports. For more details, please call and ask for Doug Wylie or email him at

Can I design my own reports?

Yes. If you are using TrakQuip or RTMS you can use the Reporting Dashboard to create your own reports. If you are using Basis, there is a custom report designer built in.

Can I design my own print styles?

Basis has a built in designer that will allow you to design your own tickets, invoices, purchase orders and other print styles. If you are using TrakQuip or RTMS, you will need to contact us to make style changes.

How do I learn how to design my own reports and print styles?

We offer training for basic SQL for reporting, building custom reports in Basis and Reporting Dashboard as well as how to create custom print styles in Basis.

What is the difference between TrakQuip and RTMS?

Both software packages provide similar functionality. RTMS is used exclusively by those businesses engaged in the rental and service of oilfield rental tools. TrakQuip, having broader application, is used by all enterprises that need to track the cost and utilization of assets while providing services. Examples include: equipment rental market, construction companies, ship builders, medical companies, light manufacturing, etc. 

How are Basis, TrakQuip and RTMS different than other equipment and rental management software solutions?


Early in the design of our software, we realized that each client had unique requirements.

The Basis, TrakQuip, and RTMS user interface is flexible and easily modified to fit your needs. A simple preference change and our software solutions give you the workflow you are looking for.

Basis, TrakQuip, and RTMS also give you what no other software package can, a tailored solution that serves the needs of clients of all sizes. All of our modules contain most, if not all, of the functionality required to manage your business, but for any specific needs you might have, however, our project managers and programmers will work with you to handle the necessary modifications.

We are proud to state that the design of our software is the direct result of a request from our very successful clients.

What does your support agreement include?

Your support agreement allows you to request support an unlimited number of times with no additional charges.

We work each day to make improvements to our software. As a supported customer, you never have to pay for updates.

Note: Additional charges do apply when requesting additional programming, help beyond normal support, or extended training.

How often should I back up my data?

At a minimum, we recommend that the databases be backed up to some degree nightly or weekly. Remember that some backup routines will skip files that are open, so make sure that all database connections and the applications are closed.

How often should I check for updates?

As often as you feel necessary. However, we suggest that users update often because of frequent modifications and improvements made to the program. It is normally easier to incorporate small changes rather than giant leaps.

Is our software solution customizable?

Yes! Our Basis, TrakQuip, and RTMS solutions have numerous permissions and preferences that allow for customization.  For even further customization, we offer Requests for Modification (RFM’s) where we can add additional enhancements to ensure you have the right solution to fit and run your business.