BASIS Dispatch Module

Dispatch & Services Module Streamlines your Entire Field Ticketing Process, from Operations, to Field Personnel, to Invoicing


Gives your employees the tools for success and allows your whole team to provide superior customer service. The Basis Dispatch module supports the following features:

Dispatch Ticket Screen.jpg
  • Create dispatch tickets for field delivery, pickup or service

  • Allow for scheduling dispatch tasks to field technicians or drivers with priority scheduling and instructions

  • Real-time delivery of tasks to field personnel or cellular or wi-fi connected devices.

  • Allow field technicians to perform these tasks and capture information digitally.

  • Signature capture in the field for dispatch/services tickets

  • Field tickets can be digitally signed directly on the mobile device

  • Input can be completed in offline mode when no connections are available

  • Completed tasks are uploaded back to the home office for processing when data connection is restored.

Provides your management team with information to make quick decisions including…

  • Assignment of tasks to personnel that are available

  • Eliminate the need for paper based forms

  • Provide real time data on employee scheduling and job progress

  • Keep track of equipment repairs, job time and costs

  • Dispatch dashboard for high-level view of all activities.

Make good dispatchers better and help inexperienced ones avoid costly mistakes

Dispatch Dashboard.jpg