Corporate Services isn’t just a great Software solution provider…We also want our clients to consider us as an integral part of their team when making business and technology decisions.

We offer consulting services to improve the efficiency of your business processes.

For over 26 years, with experience across many industries, our consultants have delivered world-class business management solutions for businesses that rent, sell, service and manage assets. We have learned that there are both similarities and differences with each client, and we are committed to identifying and addressing the unique needs of your business.

Our experts will help you overcome the challenges of running and growing your business while helping to make your life easier.  We can provide rental and service consulting, asset management consulting, SQL server consulting in conjunction with advanced reporting and analytics, backup and disaster recovery planning, custom programming, and much more.

As always we are here to assist you with your unique requirements. As your business goals evolve, we will continue to help guide you through the expansion of your business, and when necessary leveraging other partners to gain efficiency. 

Our Software Works Hard for your Business – Now, let our consultants help support the growth of your business. No matter how fast you are comfortable moving or how far you want to go.