First Impressions


Hello! I’m Angie…a true blonde embarking on a new journey in technology sales and service with Corporate Services, LLC! For those of you that don’t know, I’ve only been with the company one week. So read on about my adventures in a new field!

This week I’ve learned much about my new company, Corporate Services.  However, the best parts aren’t what’s happening on the computer screen, although that’s extremely exciting, but what’s happening in and around the office.

People are the greatest asset here.  Every person I’ve met at this company has expressed how much they enjoy working here and how teamwork is a driving force within the company.  All parts of the company are dependent upon each other to solve customer issues or to make new sales. Everyone is so friendly and always asking how they can help.  I know…lots of folks say that.  But here, THEY MEAN IT!

The other “people factor” here are the customers themselves.  Most of the time when a customer calls or even when a new potential customer calls, they are experiencing some kind of pain in their work processes.  Sometimes our software or our maintenance services can solve them, sometimes we can listen and just let them know we care.  These relationships have become so strong I’m told that current customers have gone to great lengths to ensure their decision makers continue using our company, Corporate Services.

I’ve been in a variety of business environments over the last many years.  I’ve yet to hear stories like I’ve heard here!  One was how a current customer walked into a prospect meeting and took over by explaining to the prospect exactly why they should purchase the software while our “sales” guy just sat and listened. Another was about a customer’s employees being willing to endlessly travel to ensure our software was properly implemented on a large scale roll-out because they were NOT willing to let go of the software to cut cost. All of these events occurred because the relationships they have with the people here at Corporate Services means too much to cut cost or not to recommend to others they know.  WOW! Now THAT is what I call a testimonial!


As for me, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity! I’m so thrilled to be a part of this team and I am motivated to help this company grow! Passion is infectious and right now, I’m contagious! Catch the fire with me!  Who knew software could be so exciting?!?!?!