Consider First The Software You Already Have

Many times, when we are looking to resolve a business problem we look to the latest in software technology to provide solutions. This is especially true when we see our competitors offering new solutions that we currently are not. The problem is, there are many options at many different price levels and much in the way of research that goes into providing an updated solution. It can be a daunting task but let’s take a step back. You might already have your solution.

If you are a customer of ours chances are you are using a unique set of features within our software solutions that was tailored during the implementation phase to match your business process at the time. Meanwhile, our software solutions have been used since to solve a host of different problems for other customers. New implementations raise new problems that require new solutions and as part of your software licensing you benefit from the changes and updates that we make in our offerings over time. 

The first question then becomes:

What features are you not using? For the answer to that I recommend reviewing our website to note the recent additions to our portfolio of proven solutions. 

The second question is:

What features do you already have that you can utilize to solve currently pressing problems within your business?

It is this second question we intend to address over the next few weeks in our "Innovative Solutions" series. Some of these will highlight new features. Others will highlight solutions that came about using features you already have. Strap down and get ready. Chances are the solution to your business problem is well within your reach.