Benefits of using Cloud-Based Computing for Equipment Rental Software and other Software Applications

Businesses are always looking to gain a competitive advantage.  These innovative companies evolve and utilize the latest advancements in technology to stay ahead of their competition. One example of an advantage is using the internet; more specifically, using cloud-based computing.  Using the Internet has evolved into a vital and important component of the business world.  Not very long ago, it was the norm for companies to run their equipment rental software and other business applications by downloading them on to a mainframe or physical server located in their own building.  Now, more and more companies are leaving their physical servers and are moving to a higher service found in the cloud.    

Quite simply, cloud-based computing is the storing and retrieving of data and programs over the Internet.  Think of the cloud as another word for the Internet. Rather than storing and accessing your data on a physical server or a hard drive in your office, your data is located and accessed over the internet (from an offsite and secure location).  You’re probably already using cloud computing and may not realize it.  For example, posting to your social media account, using a webmail service like Gmail or an online file storage and backup service, or accessing your banking information from a remote device are just some examples of cloud computing.  More and more companies are shifting from their own physical servers and using the cloud to access their data.  Here are some of the advantages of using the cloud.

Accessibility and Flexibility


Cloud-based applications are easily accessible from any device that is able to connect to the internet.  You do not have to be in front of your computer or your desk to have access to your data.  With any mobile device with an internet connection, you have access at any time and from anywhere.  Because of this access, rental company managers are able to make informed decisions based upon real-time data.  For example, a rental office that has excessive and unrented equipment, the managers know they can move the equipment to another office where there is greater demand and better utilization.  Cloud-based services are also flexible.  Storage capacity of data can be easily increased and bandwidth demands can be adjusted based upon the company’s circumstances to prevent crashing.  This is useful when you have seasonal or upswing in your rentals and know at certain periods throughout the year you will be busy. 


Using the cloud for your equipment rental software application is cost effective since businesses do not have to continually purchase updated hardware or spend resources maintaining a facility to house the data themselves.  Cloud-based services are based upon a subscription model where you pay as you go and only pay for the resources used.  Instead of using capital on computer hardware and infrastructure, it can be spent on purchasing equipment that can be rented, where the return on investment is greater.  Also, newer and smaller rental companies may not have the initial funds to invest in the physical hardware and it is cost effective for them to let their cloud-base providers handle that aspect of the business.     


Having your rental equipment software in the cloud allows users to have the most recent updated software available.  Any upgrades or enhancements can be implemented as soon as they are released; bypassing critical time waiting for an update to be downloaded to a physical server.  Users will also have access to the same data anytime and anywhere, thereby creating increased efficiency and collaboration between employees.  On the cloud, company managers have access to the same-shared documents and information and can work on the same project regardless if they are working in different cities or even different parts of the country making it easy to share data and make decisions collectively. 

Disaster Recovery

Due to cloud-based networks constantly being backed up, hardware failures are a thing of the past.  The use of the cloud eliminates the need for companies to maintain daily backups themselves.  In the event a business experiences a physical disaster, such as a fire, the company’s data will be safe.  Rental tickets and invoice data are remotely stored in the cloud which would have otherwise been lost had it been stored onsite in a physical server or in file cabinets. 

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