Welcome to the know……

We live in a world where information is readily available.  Just think how things have changed when it comes to getting information.  We use to rely on newspapers and publications to get the latest news and the most recent happenings in the world.  We’ve gone from daily newspapers, to nightly evening news, to 24-hour news channels, and now we are able to satisfy our thirst for information by logging on to the internet.  Actually, we don’t even need to log on because we can get automatic alerts on our mobile devices.  Information is truly now at our fingertips. 

The pace of your business has also changed.  In the past, traditional business models did not have access to automated and real-time data.  As a result, decision makers were unable to check on the current status of their business.  At best, the metrics implemented at the time were days or even weeks old where the information was mostly captured and hard-copied on paper that had been generated manually and then distributed by hand……just like newspapers.

We now live in a world where data is exchanged at lightning speed and where productivity is paramount.  It is now a digital realm where businesses have the ability to access the latest data, make informed decisions, and be proactive to changes within the business cycle.  Also, it’s a world where businesses are always looking to gain an edge through efficiencies created by technology. 

Think for a moment of having the capability of knowing when your company’s data or inventory changes, instantly knowing the total revenue that your company has generated for the day, or having the means to monitor fluctuations to your daily cash flow. Even better, imagine your sales staff on the road and possessing the ability to provide them with real time data and critical information to help drive those additional sales. Finally, imagine having the ability to receive the critical data reports automatically and instantly whenever and wherever you desire.

Having real time and up to date information is vital for the success of any business.  No longer do businesses need to wait on obsolete printed reports to make decisions.  Information is readily available and can be automatically sent to anyone with a mobile device.  Whether it’s breaking news or just being alerted to a package being delivered, there’s no escaping our ability to be in the know. 

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