4 Reasons why Truck Rental and Leasing Companies should use TrakQuip Software

We are very proud that for over 23 years we have offered a proven software solution for many rental and leasing industries. During those 23 years we have continued to add features to our software, integrate with other best-of-breed solutions and gain a breadth of knowledge working with so many successful companies. 

The most common question we get from our Truck and Trailer Rental and Leasing Industry is, “How can your software solution work for us?”

Below are 4 reasons why TrakQuip is a perfect fit for your Truck and Trailer rental/leasing company:

1.     Single system for all rental, leasing, sales, and service operations

Often times we work with clients that use a different system for each process; one for invoicing, another for rentals, and yet another for service management. Often times these systems don’t communicate with each other or with other packages supporting the same business line, e.g. service application doesn’t supply information to Decisiv, etc.

TrakQuip can handle everything; Purchasing, Asset and Consumable Inventory management, Rental and Leasing contracts, Invoicing, Service and Preventative Maintenance, and even AR and AP.   This leads to:

2.     Full Unit Visibility – Easier TCO

With all business processes residing in one system, it allows unprecedented ability to see a full unit level P & L without having to build it on your own by pulling information from different places.  You also have the ability to drill through the numbers to see where they come from.

For example, if you want to look at just tires, you can do that. You can generate a report identifying outliers that were not visible before.  

Full Unit Visibility

3.     Billing Flexibility

Some packages only allow ‘standard’ trucking-based billing.  With some packages you may be limited to simply daily/weekly/monthly rates and it requires hand-entering mileage and allowance billings. TrakQuip allows you to bill daily/weekly/monthly rates with monthly mileage rates, and one of our advantages is the history and involvement in other markets. Maybe you’d like to bill a minimum charge for a set period and a prorated daily rate after that period…not a problem!  We have an entire module dedicated to custom billing type setup that may just give your business that little edge you’ve been looking for to help better satisfy your business needs.

In addition to billing logic, we also have multiple options that allow you to consolidate billings.  If a customer wants all of their lease payments billed together on one invoice, and a separate invoice for any variable/mileage charges, we can do it!  The same thing applies to your service department.  If your client would rather a monthly consolidated invoice for all services instead of individual invoices, we can do that too!

4.     Advanced Reporting and Analytics Capabilities

Years ago, being able to get nice reports and business analytics was not a top priority, however much has changed in the last few years. 

Our implementation team, using some of our existing reporting parts, as well as custom work, if needed, will work with your management team to create a custom, tailored reporting and analytics suite just for you.  You will no longer need to guess about things like; rental utilization, cost per mile breakdowns, lost revenue from substitute units, unit specification impact on repair costs, and much, much more.  From delivering Excel style reports you are familiar with, to automatically scheduled reports delivered when and where you need them, to web-based PowerBI based driven dashboards, TrakQuip can help you get the REAL value your data is generating for you!

Advanced Reporting
Advanced Reporting