Basis Mobile Workorders

Basis Mobile now allows users to Add and Edit Work Orders within our Maintenance Module from their mobile device. Users will have the majority of the functionality available in the desktop version of Basis at their fingertips. 


To start, users can see a list of open work orders:

Mobile Workorders1.png
Mobile Workorders2.png

From here, they can view or edit the work order as they would within the desktop version. This includes editing the header, tasks, checklists, parts, and even labor sections of the Work Order. Users can add or remove maintenance tasks. Users can mark off checklist items as complete, as well as supply information regarding that checklist item such as results and notes. Users can add parts along with quantities that will pull from inventory if available. 


Another great feature is the ability to Batch Complete Work Orders. Here, a user can complete a batch of Work Orders at the same time instead of having to complete them individually as they would now within the desktop version. 

Mobile Workorders3.png