Append Associated Work Order tasks to Rental Ticket

One issue many of our clients’ face is recouping damage charges when the rental job is completed. This new feature will allow a user to send the item to a Work Order when it is returned and then add the Work Order Task charges back to the ticket before the Work Order is processed.  This eliminates the need to send the customer two separate invoices for the same job and equipment.

Associated Work Order 1.png

After creating and posting the ticket, the item is returned and the Repair on return checkbox is used to send it to a Work Order after the return.

Using the Associated Work Order Task option in the Tools Menu of the Rental Ticket Header, the user can see a list of Work Orders and tasks that are associated with the ticket.

Associated Work Order 2.png
Associated Work Order 3.png

The status of the task can be seen in this form and the user can navigate directly to the Work Order, using the View Work Order button.

Associated Work Order 4.png

Once a user has navigated back to the Work Order, using the Append to Rental Ticket button on the Tools menu of the Work Order header will allow the user to add the charges of the Work Order tasks to the original ticket.  There is also a Reverse Task Appends button, if needed.


Selecting the Item from the list and choosing OK will add the item to the ticket.

Associated Work Order 5.png
Associated Work Order 6.png
Associated Work Order 7.png

The Associated Work Order task button from the ticket header also logs the user that appended the task charge and when.